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Jon Rutter 


I grew up around the building of homes…

I began my career in the industry at the age of 13 riding with my dad to sweep out houses while he made his rounds checking jobs. Once my brothers and I were old enough, we began working with the subcontracting crews. I recognized that the painting crew was rarely out of work due to weather conditions so I chose to work with the painters. I spent many years perfecting the painting craft which led to me beginning to learn the daily operations of home-building while on the job site. Eventually, I embarked on learning another trade by working under my uncle with the carpentry crew.


At the age of 28, I was promoted to project manager for my dad's company, Lea Rutter Homes, while still working and managing with the carpentry and painting crews. I became well versed in the daily tasks required to schedule and run a build efficiently. It was during this time that I learned the value of communication and coordination with subcontractors and homeowners alike.


By the age of 30, I knew home-building was my destiny. I went off on my own at the end of 2016 to start my own venture as Jon Rutter Builder. I come from a family of home-builders, who want to build for your family.

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